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December 16, 2018 1 min read

It can be challenging to identify cat urine without any form of assistance. Cat urine has a potent odor that can make most people flee from their house, and the problem is enhanced when the urine dries, and it becomes difficult to spot. Imagine being able to perceive the stench but not able to see it. Well, with the aid of a black light, cat owners can detect where cat urine is inside the house.

Use the following procedure to help get you to spot cat urine.

  • Use your eyes and nose to narrow down the search to a specific location. You can tell it is cat urine by the strong smell of ammonia
  • If you suspect a room, turn of all the lights in that room. Cover the windows with sheets and close the blinds during the day to prevent any sunlight from coming in
  • Plug in the black light and put it on. Walk around the room slowly and inspect the room. Cat urine will give off a bright or pale-yellow color depending on how fresh or old it is.
  • Go through the entire room thoroughly and look for the signs. Don’t stop when you find one sign, search the whole room to find other spots
  • Check walls, furniture, baseboards and other places for signs
  • Use tape to mark the spots you see so you can find them later and clean thoroughly.