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December 18, 2018 3 min read

In this article we will discuss plants that are used to repel cats.We all have that neighborhood cat that just has it for us, and drives you nuts. They take it on themselves to ruin your garden and your yard. You might have a new trick to use to repel these cats. There are plants that have some very strong scents that cats don’t just like. Check out the list below and see which you can use. Click for Product Review…


Coleus Canina

Coleus Canina originates from Germany, and dogs and cats equally hate it. A small but powerful plant, it comes with small purple or blue flowers, and dark green leaves that are just perfect for your garden. You can plant it around your garden as a garden to keep out any stray cats. The scent of the leaves works great in repelling cats. Read More…


Ruta Graveolens

You might know this plant by its common name, Rue. It is one of the best plants in repelling and deterring cats. The plant comes with blue leaves, that produce a strong scent that is repulsive, to most cats. This plant can come in handy when combating disturbing cats in your indoor and outdoor area. Sprinkle some of the fresh rue leaves in and around your house, or you can place a small flower pot in strategic places around the house. Pay extra care in handling the plant and do not consume for health reasons.

Essential oils

There are lots of essential oils that are natural cat repellents. Examples include; lemongrass, lavender, and eucalyptus. Cats naturally dislike the intense fragrances that these herbs give off, and it will do you a whole lot of good if you can plant some of these plants in your garden or in small plant pots in the house. Another plant that has repellent tendencies is Geranium. This plant also produces a sharp odor that cats find highly offensive. This is another cat option you can consider.


Catnip can act as a distraction medium, and help you lure your cat away from digging in your garden or urinating on your potted plant. Cats find catnip very attractive, and they can play with it, lick it, and chew for hours. Use this to your advantage by placing the plants in specific regions in the house. Sprinkle a few fresh catnip leaves in the areas where you want your cats to be.


There are some plant base specific products like that you can use as an alternative to plants as a repellent for cats. Mind you; these plant-based products are still as effective as living plants, and they can be beneficial. Citrus peels are an excellent example of such deterrents. Sprinkle fresh citrus peels in specific areas where you don’t want your cats to venture into. You can also use cayenne pepper for the same purpose. As far as physical deterrents go, sprinkle some pine cones or stones at the top of your potted plants. Cats don’t like the feel of these materials on their paw. If they know such materials are in a particular region in your home; they won’t go over there again. Cat MACE Product Questions and Answers…

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