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August 02, 2022 3 min read

Pesky rabbits in the garden must be dealt with accordingly. But if you have a canine in your family or any other pet, you may wonder – is rabbit repellent safe for dogs? There are, of course, tons of ways to repel rabbits from your garden, lawn, or property. Here we will talk about the different rabbit repellents to make the best choice to keep your dogs out of harm’s way.Product Review…

Is rabbit repellent safe for dogs?

The short answer is it depends. Although there are many different rabbit repellents, not all are safe repellents for dogs. Most rabbit repellents repel rabbits by causing irritations through taste and smell.

It is always important to carefully assess your repellent’s ingredients to ensure it does not cause extreme reactions for your canines. Plus, you need to keep your pup away during the process of applying the rabbit repellent. At such times, the repellent may be too intoxicating for them, even if it won’t cause any problems.

Steps to choose the best rabbit repellent without harming your dogs

1.Be wary of homemade cocktails

You can make easy rabbit repellent recipes at home if you stick with ingredients that won’t irritate the rabbits or your pets. For instance, putrescent eggs are humane ingredients, but essential oils can potentially harm pets.

2.Choose a commercial rabbit repellent.

Commercial rabbit repellents can repel rabbits and are long-lasting and effective. The best commercial rabbit repellents will pay attention to the safety of your dog and other pets. These repellents may contain capsaicin (pepper), garlic, and onion. However, you should carefully select your ideal rabbit repellent according to your edible or inedible garden. Some commercial rabbit repellents contain items like fox urine which makes them highly effective since rabbits will stay clear of the smells of predatory animals. But even though such repellent is safe and effective, you should never use it on your edible plants.

3.Don’t forget to protect yourself when applying.

No matter how safe a rabbit repellent is, the first application is always potent and irritable. So you want to protect yourself by putting on protective gear. You will need:

  • A shirt with long sleeves
  • Work booths and a pair of pants that don’t expose your legs
  • Protective glasses to protect your eyes while spraying
  • And finally, a couple of gloves to protect your hands.

4.Consider alternative measures

You need a mix of deterrents to repel rabbits effectively from your garden. Consider using physical barriers such as plant guards for protecting your trees and deer netting for your tomato patches. You can also use repellent plants like sages, lavender, penstemon, and onion.

5.Bring your canine into the picture.

Your canine can also join you in keeping rabbits out of your garden by scaring them off. However, we don’t recommend allowing your dogs to chase after rabbits. Dogs can eat rabbit poop which may cause parasitic reactions. Dogs can even eat a whole rabbit leading to such infections. If this happens, consult your veteran doctor right away.

If you don’t want to let loose your dog in your garden because they can actually cause havoc on their own, dog hair, urine or poop can also do the trick. But be careful where you use dog urine, as the ammonia content in them can kill off some plants in your garden.

Concluding thoughts

Is rabbit repellent safe for dogs? Most rabbit repellents can be safe for dogs as long as you assess the ingredients before use. But always consider a mix of repellents and other rabbit deterrents to repel them.

Is rabbit repellent safe for dogs

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