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August 01, 2022 2 min read

You may consider using a cat counter deterrent if your cats love counters too much for their safety and your own comfort. In reality, cats on counters are bad learned behavior you want to eliminate. Cats love a suitable perch, and the counter may provide that vantage point while allowing plenty of sunlight. But your feline feet on the counters may expose you to several diseases, since those are the same legs they use to dig around their litter boxes. Countertops also often have appliances and items that you wouldn’t want to find in their mouth. This is why you may consider essential oils as your cat counter deterrent. Product Review…

Are essential oils the best cat counter deterrent?

It is true that cats have a sensitive smell and would generally stay away from strong scents, especially essential oils. This is why some people believe that applying some drops of their favorite essential oils (usually lime, peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, or wild orange) to their kitchen counters may keep cats away. This mixture may also be effective. But unfortunately, while they are effective, they can cause many problems for your cats. It is best to use a more humane indoor cat counter deterrent that would smell good, keep your cats off and never put them in harm’s way.

Downsides of using essential oils on cats

Although applying essential oils to your kitchen counter may seem like an effective cat counter deterrent, it’s best to avoid doing so. Established research shows that essential oils are toxic to cats when applied to their skin, taken internally, or inhaled. Exposing them to essential oils might cause seizures, severe liver damage, liver failure, respiratory failure, and even death.

Felines don’t have the necessary enzymes for breaking down the phenolic compounds found highly concentrated in essential oils, which leaves their liver and respiratory system vulnerable.

Providing an alternative cat counter deterrent

Applying a humane cat counter deterrent is highly important. But you must also provide cat attraction to discourage negative behavior and encourage a preferred behavior. The best way is to offer better places for your cat to perch. One of the best solutions is providing a well-placed cat tree. If your cat previously was addicted to counter climbing, make sure the tree is as tall as the counter or taller. A good inexpensive alternative may also be a barstool. You can also attract your cat more to where you want them to be by sprinkling some catnip to keep them busy and interested. You can further sweeten the attraction by rewarding your cat with treats whenever she uses the alternative perch.

Are essential oils the best cat counter deterrent

Final thoughts

A good cat counter deterrent would never put your cat in harm’s way. Essential oils are toxic to cats and can be ingested or absorbed through the skin. So, it’s best never to allow your cats to come in direct contact with essential oils. Always choose a cat counter solution that would protect your cat while effectively keeping them away from your counters. Product Review…

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