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December 16, 2017 2 min read

Repel Feral Cats from Vegetable Garden

The sight of a feral cat in your veggie garden can be really nauseating, not just because of the nuisance they cause your young plants and seedlings but also because of the fact that the turn your veggie beds into their personal toilets. This is very unhealthy because their poops transmit the Toxoplasma gondii parasite which can be transferred to humans through the vegetables and even direct contact during gardening. This parasite is responsible for the disease that comes with muscle pain and flu- like symptoms, causing apparent damages to the eyes, brain and other organs in severe cases; and can affect unborn babies. The following tips would help keep the furry creatures from your precious vegetables while ensuring no threat is introduced to your health and those of your pets and children.

The first and most basic step in repelling feral cats from your vegetable garden is to erect a fence around it. Be it a fence of tree pruning or mesh wire, any kind of fence would go a long way in keeping cats away from your diamonds. The fence should be high enough to introduce difficulty to the cats when climbing. Since cats naturally love relaxation and comfort, they would steer clear from anything that would distort their comfort in anyway. Fencing not only keeps cats away, it is also helpful in keeping other animals away from your vegetable.

Another practical way to repel feral cats is to keep plants and seedlings away from their reach. This can be achieved by covering young plants and shoots with cat-proof covers.

Surrounding your vegetable with the enemies of these furry fellows would go a long way as well in protecting your veggies and gardens from them. Lemon balm for example, has a tangy smell which, of course is lovely to human beings but very much offensive to cats. Other plants include Coleus canina aka scaredy cat plant, Helichrysum italicum aka curry herb plant (whose coarse texture irritate cats a lot), rosemary, lavender (hated by most animals), pennyroyal aka pudding grass and the Rue plant.

The last and most effective way to repel feral cats from your vegetable garden is to use a commercial cat repellent in your garden.

The most effective commercial cat repellent that has been tested and proven 100% effective is Nature’s Cat MACE. Nature’s Cat MACE is an all-natural cat repellent that comes with a fresh smell – which you would certainly love but those feral feline would definitely hate.

Repel Feral Cats from Vegetable Garden

Cat MACE is a combination of the best of the best of ingredients that guarantees a 100% protection for your vegetables. It is also biodegradable and would not pose any form of threat to you, your plants, pets and children. It is a year-round product that works well in all seasons of the year. It is also rain resistant, making it the most effective and cost effective repellent on the market.