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December 24, 2016 2 min read

Stray dogs, or dogs with irresponsible owners who let them run loose, can be a huge problems for homeowners. A loose dog will leave waste behind, dig up flowerbeds, and cause problems with other pets. There are a variety of ways to deal with nuisance dogs that will get rid of them in a humane way.

Eliminate What is Drawing the Dog to You

There may be reasons that a dog visits your property on a regular basis. While it may be impossible to get rid of some things- maybe they like to mark your beloved trees- it is possible to remove some of the items that dog might be curious about:

Keep your own yard free of dog or cat waste, it is one of the things a loose dog will smell from a distance.

Garbage that has food scraps in it should be kept tightly sealed and if possible, in a garage or shed.

Any food- human or animal- should not be left outdoors.

Fresh water should be removed if possible- i.e. a birdbath.

Keep gates closed if you have a fenced yard, and block off any entrance ways where possible.

Scent elimination

It may necessary to get rid of the scent from the previous marking using an enzymatic cleaner. Using another scent to cover the odor of the marking is hardly effective. The enzymatic cleaner is used to neutralize and digest the odor from the previous urine marking to avoid continuity of the behavior. Apply Dog MACE after enzymatic cleaner is used to effectively train dogs to avoid treated areas.

Look for Clues

Try to figure out when the dogs are on your property and who they belong to. Look for:

Dog poop

Brown spots on lawn caused by dog urine

Some dogs, like terriers, are hunters and will kill rats, possums, rabbits, and the like

Holes that dogs have dug around trees or in beds.

Your own pets may alert you to a stray dog, and a stray dog may be attracted to your yard because of your pets.

Selecting a Strategy

Once you have determined when and why you have a dog problem, it will be easier to plan a strategy to get rid of them. For example, if it is a neighbor dog, the best solution may be to approach the neighbor in a kind way about the problem. But there are other humane ways to help that you can take action with on your own.

Dog Repellents

Dog repellents that contain the active ingredient of strong essential oils will repel dogs from your property without hurting the dogs. The these ingredients are irritating to a dog’s delicate nose, and they will generally avoid getting near any area that has been treated. Nature’s MACE offers both granular and liquid dog repellents.

Liquid spray Dog MACE Liquid can be sprayed on garbage cans, trees, plants, door steps, or anything that seems to have attracted the attention of dogs.

Granular repellent Dog MACE Granular can be sprinkled around the perimeter of one’s property to form a barrier that will keep loose dogs out of one’s yard.

Homeowners and professional applicators find that using both products in combination achieve maximum protection.