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July 04, 2013 2 min read

Although beautiful, deer are not looked upon fondly by homeowners with gardens they want to preserve. The nuisance animals demolish plants and trees with their voracious appetites and antler rubbing, and their bothersome conduct is incessant once they decide on their favorite spots to browse. However, even once established, deer can be deterred using the best methods. The best deer defense is not difficult or expensive, and there are several of effective approaches to keeping the deer away, requiring surprisingly little work.

The best deer defense is one made easily at home, and it has one primary ingredient, an egg. Being vegetarians, deer naturally avoid eating plants that have the smell of eggs on them. To create the egg mixture at home, the most efficient route is to break an egg into a gallon of water. The volume of water can be restricted to make the mixture more potent, if needed. Once made, the deterrent ought to be sprinkled onto any plants that the deer have been damaging. The repellent ought to be reapplied after every rain, subsequent to watering the yard, or once new plant development shows up. In the event that it is sprays onto consumable plants, the foods grown ought to be washed before being eaten.

Once can try different variations with any of a few adaptations of the egg and water blend, and gardeners ought to attempt a couple so as to find the blend that works best for their specific circumstances. Recent research and hands on work has found that the best deer defense are repellents that contain rotten egg solid. To make this, cook the egg before blending it into the water. Eggs can be cooked in a microwave safe mug sprayed with a nonstick cooking spray. After blended into the water, the blend ought to be left outside for around twenty four hours so that it begins to putrefy. This foul smell will keep deer, rabbits, and even voles, from eating the leaves on which it was splashed.

A few different varieties are sometimes said to help this formula work even better, however none are as dependable as the basic egg and water blend. Including a couple of teaspoons of vegetable oil or canola oil will help the blend hold fast to the leaves. Including hot and spicy ingredients, such as chili powder, garlic powder, or cinnamon can provide an extra repellent, if needed.

Gardeners should be alert and reapply the mixture when it is washed off. The deer repellent must be reapplied routinely until deer get to be adapted to stay away.

Best Deer Defense

Before long, the deer will find new places to eat, particularly in the hotter months when plant sustenance is plentiful. Since deer are habitual creatures, they will soon avoid the splashed yard, thus the requirement for reapplication of the deer obstruction will be less frequent. In any case, keeping deer away from your treasured plants is not difficult, when a simple mixture is the best deer defense.