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June 17, 2013 2 min read

Noise deterrents, motion detecting lawn sprinklers, fertilizer made from dried blood, and even pellets made out of coyote urine are just a few of the measures that frustrated homeowners will resort to in order to combat the ravenous deer who are eating their beloved garden plants. This short article will describe the best deer repellent homemade method.

There are several varieties of homemade deer repellents that work wonders and are much easier, faster, less pricey, and more humane than some of the other expensive and yet ineffective solutions found on the internet or in gardening stores. The best deer repellent homemade with eggs and water is one that contains putrefied egg solid at a ratio of about one egg to every gallon of water. The essential component to repelling the deer is the putrefied egg solid, because deer instinctively avoid food that smells as though it could contain meat. Other ingredients can be added to the mixture, such as spicy chili powder or cinnamon, which some believe adds a bad taste just to make sure the deer aren’t tempted to eat. Another suggestion ingredient is a tablespoon of oil: mint oil, canola oil, or even baby oil. The added oil will help the deer repellent adhere to leaves and slippery stems, making it last longer once it has been applied.

Because deer are vegetarians, they will confuse the scent of egg on leaves with meat, and will by nature sidestep anything with the scent of egg on it, and they won’t go close to any plants that have been sprayed with it. To make this deer repellent at home, the fastest way is to crack an egg into about one gallon of water- the quantity of water can be decreased to make it more potent- and splashed on any plants that the deer have been attracted to. The mixture should be reapplied regularly, and especially after it rains, watering the yard with a sprinkler, or after new growth appears on you plants. If it is sprayed onto food plants, the food should be washed completely in advance of eating.

There are a handful of variations to the egg and water recipe, and gardeners should investigation to find the solution that works best for their respective situations. Some recent research has suggested that the best deer repellents homemade with eggs are the ones that contain putrefied egg solid, rather that raw egg. To accomplish this, one can cook (hard boil or scramble) the egg before mixing in the water. The cooked egg should be as finely chopped as possible to ensure the widest distribution within the solution.

Best Deer Repellent Homemade

As housing developments continue to encroach on deer’s natural habitats, deer will continue to become a more and more common sight in suburban neighborhoods, and even some more urban areas that abut woody parks or undeveloped areas. Using this homemade recipe will allow you to protect your plants from being eaten by deer, in a simple, cost-effective, and humane way.