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December 13, 2019 2 min read

Have you ever been faced with the question; can you feel a bedbug bite? Or perhaps, you have some bites on your body, you do not know what they are or what caused them, and you are wondering if they are bedbugs. Well, your answer is in this article; so, keep reading.

Bedbug bites hardly cause any risk to the health except the itchiness that comes with them. Sometimes, they can be exposed to infections or lead to allergic reactions. If you suspect the presence of bedbugs in your home then, it is vital for you to know how to get rid of them. Even more important is for you to know what bedbug bites look like and get the answer to the question, can you feel a bedbug bite?

How do you recognize bedbug bites?

Not everyone gets noticeable bedbug bites symptoms, but when the symptoms are visible, the bites have a distinct look which may be any of the following:

Swollen and red with a dark spot in the middle.

Multiple bites grouped and arranged in clusters of lines.

The bite is itchy.

Bedbugs can bite you anywhere on your body, but they usually bite the areas that are left uncovered while sleeping such as the face, arms, neck and hands. Sometimes, a bedbug bite may turn into blisters filled with fluid.

What are the symptoms of a bedbug bite?

This answers the question, can you feel a bedbug bite?

If you get a bedbug bite, you will not feel it immediately. This is because bedbugs can inject the part of your body they are feeding on with a little anesthetic so that you will not feel the pain right away. Symptoms of bedbug bites usually take some days to develop and manifest.

The most common symptom of a bedbug bite is a noticeably swollen and red wound. If there are multiple bites, the bites may be arranged in a cluster or a line on the part of the body that the bedbug attacked. Bedbug bites are mostly itchy, and when you scratch the itch, it burns.

Often, if there are bedbugs in your living space, you may not feel their presence all the time because they do not feed every day. Bedbugs can go several days without feeding on anything. Thus, to be sure of their presence, you have to pay extra attention to your living space and your body. If you have bedbug bites, scratching them can lead to bleeding or infection.

What should you do when you have bedbug bites?

Bedbugs usually take about two weeks to heal. But to relieve the symptoms, you can try any of the following;

Use anti-itch creams or calamine lotion.

Use an oral antihistamine to reduce the burning sensation from scratching then itches.

Use a pain reliever to relieve pain and swelling.

If you develop a severe allergic reaction, go to a hospital and see a doctor.

We expect that now you can answer anyone who is still confused about the question, can you feel a bedbug bite?

Can You Feel a Bedbug Bite