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December 03, 2021 3 min read

If you are ready to get rid of cats from your outdoor space, you might check out the different types of cat repellent for yard use. This article will discuss the different kinds of cat repellents, their benefits, application, and drawbacks.

Cat repellents are special techniques designed to scare, discourage and repel cats from your space. Generally, there are two sets of repellents according to designated areas. One set of cat repellents is used for indoor spaces to prevent your domesticated cats from tearing up your entire home. The other set of repellents will keep all kinds of cats including feral cats, stray cats, and domesticated cats from areas like your garden, lawn, or yard. Here we want to focus on the types of cat repellents for yard use.

1.Scare tactics

You can also consider implementing devices that would scare them such as motion-activated lights, sprinklers, and sirens. All you need is to have them at vantage positions around their favorite entryways and nesting spots. However, do realize that these methods may not deter a persistent cat for too long.

2.Ultrasonic cat deterrents

Ultrasonic cat deterrents claim to keep cats out by eliminating an ultrasonic alarm that humans cannot hear. However, there have been many knock-off products. So it’s hard to tell if they truly work.

3.Natural home remedies

It’s also possible to use certain materials at home that may keep cats out. However, these methods don’t always work, may invite other critters, and may even harm the cats. For instance, cayenne pepper would work effectively. But they will also burn the throats and noses of these cats and is therefore not a humane solution.

4.Cat repellent plants

Some plants also give off scents that cats dislike. You can plant them as protective barriers around the perimeters of your yard or even make a beautiful garden out of them. However, don’t forget that they can’t completely keep the cats out for good. Some such cat repellent plants include:

  • Lemon thyme
  • Scaredy cat plant
  • Absinthe
  • Rue
  • Lavender
  • Geranium

5.Commercial cat repellents

Cats have a keen sense of smell. This is why you can use that to your advantage to invest in a scent repellent that should keep them out of your yard. However, you want to make sure that the cat repellent for yard use that you choose is made from non-toxic materials to prevent hurting yourself, the cats, and your environment.

Nature’s MACE produces one of the best humane cat repellents for both outdoor and indoor use. You will love that these cat repellent solutions are 100% free of toxic chemicals and will effectively keep cats out of your yard for good. With Nature’s MACE Cat MACE you can create the perfect barrier either by spraying your entire yard with our ready-to-use concentrate and liquid sprays or creating barriers around vulnerable parts of your garden using our granular cat repellents. Our cat repellent for yard and other outdoor spaces combines the powers of scent and taste deterrent, so you are evenly protected from these pesky furry visitors. It is the most amazing long-lasting humane solution to your cat woes, and you can enjoy all-around protection no matter the season or weather.

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