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January 05, 2018 2 min read

Deer have excellent memory and may never forget the particular garden or farm that fed them the sumptuous salad they last had. Gardening has therefore been made a huge task in places and regions where the deer population is significant. They also do not forget the farms and yard where they’ve once received harsh treatment. For this reason, repelling a deer from veggies and foods that are delicious to them is quite possible.

It might seem a light matter for deer to cause serious damage to perennial crops and vegetables that can be cultivated at any time of the year, but for a deer to devour an entire farm full of annuals like oats is unbearable. Deer are very adaptive creatures and tend to change their diet depending on what is available, their environment and the season of the year and so there are no sure steps to keep deer away permanently, but a few steps that have proven to significantly repel deer from annuals like oats are listed below.

  1. DO NOT WAIT TILL THEY’VE BEGUN THE FEAST: Oats are very much appealing to deer as much as it is to human, so try as much as possible not to let deer feed on your oats at all. This can be done by erecting a fence around the oats. Any type of fence would do as long as it doesn’t give any form of allowance beneath and its height is above what a deer would easily jump through. Challenges of any form do not go down well with deer and so constructing a form of barrier at the top of the fence like an outward slope at an angle of 30 degrees would make your oats farm less appealing to them.
  2. SHEILD YOUR PRECIOUS OATS: Certain plants have been tested and confirmed to be appalling to deer and so surrounding your oats with such plants would go a long way in keeping deer away from them if they have already discovered your oat-treasure. Since oats are annual crops, it is best to surround them with annual crops as well so you don’t bother replanting them (the shielding crops) after sometime while the oats have not been harvested. Examples of annuals that are highly scented and can effectively keep deer away from your oats include but are not limited to Cosmos, Cleome, Heliotrope, and Snapdragon.
  3. GO FOR THE BEST WHEN YOU’RE OUT OF OPTIONS: The best? Yes the best. Using Deer and Rabbit MACE is the best when you’re out of options. When erecting a fence would be costly and planting deer-resistance crops seems impossible, just go for Nature’s deer MACE to keep Bambi away from your oats. You don’t need to worry about your health when you use Deer and Rabbit MACE because it does not contain any toxic substance and would in no way be detrimental to your health.

You also don’t have to worry about frequent application because Deer and Rabbit MACE’s effectiveness can last up to sixty days.


All you have to do is Deer and Rabbit MACE around your oats and be rest assured you can harvest your precious oats when it is due.