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November 26, 2019 2 min read

Your home is not the only place you’re likely to find a bed bug in. Bed bugs can also be easily found in motels that are not careful enough to get rid of them. When you sleep in these kinds of motels, bed bugs are more likely to attach themselves to your bag or clothes, thereby following you home to infest your personal space. The question now is, how do you check motel for bed bugs?

Bed bugs are nocturnal insects that are adept at find hiding spaces, regardless of how a room is. With their flat-shaped bodies, they can easily fit into wall cracks, cracks in the floor and also cervices. Furthermore, bed bugs like to hide in several places around the bed.

Why not?

It’s the fastest way to gain access to their source of food, human beings. By so doing, they can come out at night, when they are more active and have a good blood meal. They can also attach themselves to your clothes, using your movement to aid their spread from one location to another. This is very likely to happen when you sleep in a room that is infested with bed bugs.

How do You Check Motel for Bed Bugs?

If you want to avoid giving a bed bug(s) a hitch-hike from the motel to your bedroom, you want to ensure that there’s none existent in the room you want to book. Here a few steps you can take to check the motel room for bed bugs

Check the Bedding

The carbon dioxide (CO2) you exhale helps the bed bugs to know you’re on the bed. This attracts them to the bed space. They go on to hide in the bedding while they wait for you. Before you lay on it, take a few extra seconds to search the bedding for either bed bugs or bloodstains (which indicates the presence of bed bugs).

Check the Seams of the Mattress

You probably don’t want to do this, especially if all you wish to do is take a shower and sleep. However, the fee minutes you choose to look for bed bugs hiding in the seams of the mattress may save your home from a bed bug infestation. It will even save you from the symptoms of bed bug bites which include swelling of the skin and bumps appearing on it.

Check the Drawers

Bed bugs hide in the motel drawers because of many reasons. Apart from the fact that they don’t like light, these insects do not like heat. As such, they will prefer to stay in a cool place like a drawer.

If you are staying longer in a particular motel room, check the drawers for the sign of bed bugs (or their eggs, which is pale yellow in color).

How do You Check Motel for Bed Bugs

Don’t be the one to give bed bugs a free hitchhike from the motel to your bedroom. Use the answers to the “How do You Check Motel for Bed Bugs” question as a guide when next you want to book a motel room.