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December 05, 2019 3 min read

Regularly checking your home for signs of bed bugs is one way to avoid a bed bug outbreak. You’d surely want to do everything possible to prevent them from becoming a menace in your home. So, how do you check your home for bed bugs? What are the things you need to look out for? We will be answering these questions shortly.

Bed Bugs and Dirty Homes

There are many misconceptions surrounding bedbugs and the particular environment that attracts them. Many people associate bed bugs with a dirty environment. That is why most times it is embarrassing discussing our bed bugs problem with outsiders. Maybe friends and family too. Sharing such details may be misconstrued as a sign of staying in an unkempt environment.

Tell an uninformed bystander that you have bed bugs in your home and a “guilty” verdict may be passed on you right away. We are proponents of clean houses and a generally high level of personal hygiene. We deeply appreciate an uncluttered and serene home. But those won’t keep bed bugs out. A clean home or not won’t desist those bugs from paying you a courtesy visit whenever they feel like. Therefore, brighten up. Bed bugs in your home is not an indictment on your level of hygiene.

Checking for Bed bugs

You may have your suspicions that you’re currently playing hosts to bed bugs in your home, or maybe your aim for bug search is just a precautionary move on your part. Whatever be your reason, how do you check your home for bed bugs?

Starting from the Bedroom

Since your bedroom is one of the places you spend the most time in your home, it is an excellent place to start. You will have to turn over all kinds of stuff in your bedroom to achieve this. Search your mattress and wardrobe properly. They are choice spots for bed bugs. Every furniture in the bedroom should be adequately looked at. You’re looking for actual bugs, their eggs, leftover feces and molten skin. So keep your eyes open.

Move down to the sitting room

Bed bugs also like to stay around where people sit for long periods. And the sitting room is an obvious choice. Our couches, sofas, dining tables, chairs and recliners are hiding spots for these bugs. Take your time and search properly. Clothing materials are not left out in our search. Inspect the bottoms of curtains properly. Open the folds of these curtains and check for hidden spots. If your sitting room has rugs, you may want to lift them and check underneath. And if the rug is on top of a wooden floor, check for cracks on the floor. Wallpapers, wall paintings and picture frames should be brought down and inspected.

Inspect Kiddies room

As a parent, it would be terrifying to have bed bugs in your kid’s room. That is why you should go the extra mile while carrying a search on this part of your home. Kiddies room are generally cluttered with toys, clothes and whatnot. This type of environment provides a ready hideout for bed bugs to thrive. Turn over every piece in the room and search painstakingly.

Inspect less common spots

The kitchen, storeroom, basement and attic may be our next port of call. These places are filled with wooden furniture and cabinets. These are the places bed bugs love. So, spend some time there in your search too.

How Do You Check Your Home for Bed Bugs?

Once fully established in a household, bed bugs are difficult to eradicate. The earlier you go for the kill and conduct a painstaking search, the better you will sleep well at night, literally speaking. Once more, how do you check your home for bed bugs? Now, move your eyes a little upwards across the page. Got it? I think that’s settled.