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January 28, 2020 2 min read

How Long Do Bed Bug Eggs Live

How long do bed bug eggs live? That might be a question in your heart, especially if you have bed bugs. In this article, we will talk about bed bug eggs and what you can do about their life cycle.

Bed bugs can live for months or years, depending on many conditions. They are resilient and known to survive for weeks or months when starved. However, bed bugs have different life cycles, which also affects how long the bed bug lives.

Nevertheless, a single bed bug begins from a pregnant female bed bug. This pregnant bed bug can deliver anywhere from one to five eggs a day and up to 500 eggs in a single lifetime.

When released into the world, the bed bug egg looks milky white and grain-like. The best description for a bed bug egg so far is that it resembles two grains of salt attached. Therefore, these eggs are very tiny and about 1 mm in length.

What affects the life cycle or bed bugs and their eggs?

Bed bug eggs hatch within six to ten days. They can also hatch within two days, especially in favorable temperatures between 18oC to 27oC. Therefore, you should expect very active bed bugs, which reach full maturity in two weeks. In extreme temperatures, bed bugs become inactive at temperatures below 14oC or temperatures and above 36oC. Therefore, bed bugs eggs take longer to hatch in cold weather and hatch faster in higher temperatures. Humidity also affects the growth of bed bugs. Very high humidity can grow fungi on the bed bug eggs, while low humidity leads to desiccation.

How long do bed bug eggs live?

Bed bug eggs can live for only about ten days before hatching. However, in high temperature and humidity, the bed bug eggs may die. However, this is not the case seen in reality. Our temperatures are never constant. Therefore, achieving that particular temperature naturally is not possible.

Nevertheless, you can consider heat treatment, which can kill bed bugs in all stages. You should also bear in mind that bed bug eggs are resistant. Your best approach is to wait for seven to ten days after the first treatment and then treat your room again. If you stay in colder regions, you may have to wait for up to 21 days.

How it affects your treatment choice?

Investing in home remedies for bed bugs may deal with some of the bed bugs, but the best approach is by using multiple steps. This means using a mixture of two or more treatment options. Whether you decide to use a chemical or heat bed bug treatment, call the professionals to help you. They understand the life cycles of bed bugs and can tailor your treatment options to ensure that they get rid of bed bugs from your home in no time. Professional pest exterminators also know how to eliminate bed bugs eggs from cracks and crevices, which are much harder to deal with. Call them today and enjoy access to a bug-free home in no time.


How Long Do Bed Bug Eggs Live