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March 03, 2023 3 min read

Bed bugs are very sneaky. But inspecting your home and finding their possible hiding spots can help you concentrate your treatment efforts on the right places. We will discuss everything you must know to find and identify bed bugs in your home methodically. Click for product information…

Look for actual signs of the bugs.

Checking for bed bugs is a slow and methodical process. You’ll have to search your home, one tiny section after another, to ensure you can mark all the right spots where you will concentrate your bed bug treatment.

What do you need for your bed bug check?


Wear latex or vinyl gloves while checking for bed bugs. This minimizes your exposure to the live blogs and will stop you from coming in contact with bodily fluids from smashed bugs.


A flashlight will help you identify bed bug eggs more accurately. These eggs are pearly white and have an opening on one end.

Credit card

The hard sides of a credit card can be used to dislodge bed bugs’ eggs and prove useful. You might also need it to search the tiniest openings and cracks for other signs of bed bugs.

Magnifying glasses

Although you can quickly see and identify bed bugs, a magnifying glass will make the job easier. This is especially helpful when identifying bed bug eggs and nymphs.

Signs to look out for when searching for bed bugs

Finding actual live bed bugs can take time and effort. These bugs only measure about a quarter of an inch and are usually brown-colored. They may turn bright red and round just after feeding and then a darker brown color after they digest the blood. But you can look for other signs, such as:

  • Red or rust stains
  • Crushed bugs alongside red or rusty stains
  • Bed bug excrement often looks like tiny black spots. If smeared, they might stain.
  • Pale white eggs of about a millimeter.
  • Pale shed skins that look like the actual bed bugs but are empty and pale.

Where to check for bed bugs in your home

Knowing how to check for bed bugs is only as good as knowing where to focus your efforts. Let’s talk about the most likely places you might find signs of bed bugs.

Sheets and linen

Remove the duvet, comforter, or bedspread, and shake it out in search of the bugs. Now carefully pull off the sheets and go over them carefully. Next, check the seams of your mattress and flip the mattress over to equally check for bed bugs.

If you’ve previously covered your mattress with a mattress protector, you can check for bugs near gaps, zippers, and seams.

Bed frame and dresser

Pull your bed away from the wall. And check around the furniture. Remember to check all folds, cracks, and crevices around your bed furniture.

Cushions and underneath furniture

Focus on recliners, upholstery chairs, and couches. Gently, go over the folds between the cushions. If there are any large removable cushions, remove them and examine the furniture’s frame. You might also need to tip the furniture over to equally check for the bugs too.

Check entire perimeters

Consider pushing all furniture to the middle of the room, so you can get down to the floor and check along the baseboards. Remember openings in wallpapers and the edges of carpets. You may also remove the carpet or rug in your home to inspect the floors.

Other areas to check for bedbugs:

  • Behind curtains and the bottom of the curtains
  • Underneath desks and bedside dressers
  • Within electrical outlets alongside wall-mounted lamps
  • Under clocks, toys, or lamps in the room
  • Check between piles of clothes in your laundry room or closet.

Act quickly to stop bed bugs from taking over your home

How do you check apartment for bed bugs

So how do you check for bed bugs? By methodically checking your home inch by inch for signs of these pesky bugs. That said, inspection is the first important step. But it’s equally vital to act fast to stop the infestation from growing. One of the most superb organic formulas you can try is Nature’s Mace bed bug killer. With Nature’s Mace bed bug killer, you can treat your entire home, including your mattress. Click for product information…

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