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September 29, 2022 3 min read

In this article we will discuss the age old question of how does rodent deterrent tape work. Finding mice or rodents around your home or in your car is a frustrating experience. But it is one of the most popular scenarios. Hence, it would help if you always used a rodent deterrent to keep them out for good. There are several methods you might find for keeping mice and rodents away. One such is using rodent deterrent tape.

Rodent deterrent tape is a unique product formulated to stop rodents from getting into sensitive parts of your car. This rodent tape often takes the form of an electrical tape infused with super spicy capsaicin, the active ingredient in pepper, to create a spicy and pungent environment mice dislike. However, the effectiveness of this tape might not be enough to stop mice from infesting your car. Click here for Product Review…

The downsides of mice deterrent tapes

First, mice deterrent tapes make electrical wires less tasty to mice. So you only get to use them around wires in your car. But wires aren’t the only place you may be hoping to deter mice.

Naturally, mice can eat through duct tape because they have powerful jaws, which makes chewing easy. So some issues can arise if a very determined mouse thinks about chewing through the tape. However, there’s no harm in reinforcing your mice deterrent strategy by providing special covers (such as tape) for your electrical wires. More Product Information…

Other practical steps to keep mice out of your car

1.Get rid of openings around your car

Rodents get into your car engine through cracks and crevices. Think about the fact that mice can squeeze through a hole of about a quarter-inch, giving you an idea of the spaces they can use to their advantage. Consider installing metal mesh round rubber hoses, wiring harnesses and every other opening that might become their pathway into your car.

2.Check your surroundings

Ensure no items around your car can draw mice to it. Look out for trash bins and even food sources like your garden. If you park in the garage, make sure you don’t store food or nest materials such as rags, patio cushions, cardboard and newspapers. Check for openings in your garage windows and doors and seal them off. Avoid storing trash in your garage. Also, keep your car free of food, especially crumbs, as they attract mice. Don’t forget to move your car regularly, even if you don’t plan to use it. Starting your vehicle tends to scare them off.

3.Use scent-based mice repellents

Scent-based mice repellents work by creating a pungent odor that would make mice uncomfortable. Such repellents don’t wait until mice begin chewing on wires to act, making them one of the most ideal ways to keep mice out of your car.

Are you looking for a powerful mice repellent? Nature’s Mace Rodent Mace is a fascinating rodent deterrent product known for its high level of effectiveness against mice, rats and other rodents. You can choose to spray Rodent Mace spray inside your car, or place little packets of Rodent Mace granular repellent at vantage spots inside and outside your car. Regardless of your path, Rodent Mace works almost instantly, pushing these furry critters away from your vehicle for good. Try Rodent Mace today, and combat that stubborn rodent issues immediately. Click here for Product Review…

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