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May 04, 2022 2 min read

Rabbits have a strong sense of smell which is why a rabbit away spray can help you deal with your rabbit problem for good. As a gardener, it can be quite disheartening to stop rabbits from damaging your hard work.

Fortunately, rabbits rely on their sense of smell to determine danger or scent out potential predators, so you can take advantage of those specific scents to stop them from eating your plants.

That said, one of the best solutions against rabbit damage is a spray. Sprays, otherwise known as liquid repellents, usually combine numerous scents to make rabbits uncomfortable. But then, why you should carefully choose your rabbit away spray, you want to also follow the rules carefully to maximize results. Here are some tips you should consider:

Uncover their habits

The first step to using any rabbit repellent is identifying where you are having the most damage. The habits of these critters generally change with seasons and will influence how you use your repellents. During the summer and spring months, rabbits will usually nibble on young seedlings, grass, clover, and alfalfa. Plants such as peas, beans, cabbage, and lettuce are often the most damaged. In contrast, during fall/winter, rabbits will chew woody plants and shrubs, eat the bark of young trees, clip twigs and occupy animal burrows.

Apply correctly

Liquid rabbit sprays are best used over large spaces. This is because you only have to spray across the target plants, to coat their surfaces so that they taste and smell bad to rabbits. You can use your liquid spray repellent on flowers, grasses, buds, trees, ground cover, shrubs, and ivy. Always aim to apply more of your rabbit repellent about 2 to 3 feet from ground level as that is the area most vulnerable to rabbit damage. That said, you can achieve better results by combining your chosen rabbit away spray with a granular repellent. Granular repellents are ideal for creating protective barriers around pathways, ground cover, structures, flower beds, burrows and dens, and vegetable gardens.

Always choose a non-toxic formula

There’s nothing to be gained from using a repellent spray that would cause harm to rabbits. Such toxins will pose an immense danger for other wildlife as well as pets and children. These toxins may even destroy your chances of eating from your cultivated garden.

Be patient

The ideal repellent spray shouldn’t wash off after the first application. But then it’s important to re-apply consistently to maintain deterrence as rabbits are quite resilient and will keep returning to your garden to find out if there’s no danger.

How to repel rabbits with a rabbit away spray

Nature’s Mace deer and rabbit repellent is an ideal humane solution for repelling rabbits from your gardens, flowers, and landscape. This repellent combines numerous scents that rabbits find uncomfortable and will repel them without causing any harm. Available in both liquid and granular repellents, you can use Nature’s Mace in all seasons with remarkable results. With Nature’s Mace rabbit repellent, you can rest easy so that your precious garden is protected from the destructive activities of rabbits.

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