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June 09, 2022 3 min read

If you wish to choose the best spray to stop cats from scratching the furniture, then you must realize that some sprays are more effective than others.

Cat sprays are formulated with compounds known as pheromones that mimic certain smells that would either calm the cat or that they would find offensive. Typically, creating an uncomfortable space around your furniture using cat sprays is a much better way to pass on the message that you don’t want them scratching in that area. However, there are other things to consider when looking for the best spray to stop cats from scratching the furniture. But don’t also forget to provide alternative scratching devices such as scratching posts to avoid causing anxiety and stress in your cats. This is because scratching is a natural response for them. That said, let’s talk about the different things you must bear in mind when purchasing your cat repellent spray. Click for product review and bonus buy…

Ensure its stain-free

Because you would be using your spray on furniture, you want to make sure it does not stain. That said, some sprays will proclaim on their label that they are stain-free. But that shouldn’t be enough for you. Your furniture is uniquely yours. So, it’s better to spot check before applying to ensure that there will be no damage.

Choose environmentally-friendly ingredients

Want to make eco-conscious choices in your repellent products? Consider cat repellent sprays that are plant-based and chemical-free. These sprays will not expose you to harmful products. Many of them are ideal for use around plants and wildlife.

Made from organic ingredients

Your spray should be safe to use around cats and other pets. It should never put them in harm’s way. This is why you should carefully assess the ingredients on your cat’s no-scratch spray. Some sprays such as Nature’s Mace also use plant-based ingredients that are proven to be non-toxic to ensure the safety of your entire household.

Indoor or outdoor use?

When choosing the right spray, you want one that can work for the area you want to use it. For instance, you can either aim to purchase a spray for your indoors or outdoors. Fortunately, some sprays are designed for both indoor and outdoor furniture offering robust production.

Consider your sense of smell

Your cat repellent spray shouldn’t stop you from being in your home, especially when it’s for indoor use. So, you want a spray that offers a potent but pleasant scent as well. That way you can sit and relax without getting overwhelmed with scents from your cat repellent spray.

How to choose the best spray to stop cats from scratching furniture

Nature’s Mace mimics uncomfortable odors that cats will not love around them. It combines cinnamon oil, peppermint oil, lemongrass oil, and a host of other natural substances to help keep cats away from your furniture. It’s also safe for use on upholstery, hardwood, doorframes, and fabrics. You will love that this spray does not only reduce scratching behavior but urine marking and chewing behavior. Nature’s Mace Cat Mace comes with a pleasant scent to your nostrils, but these scents will be unpleasant to cats. You will also love that Nature’s Mace Cat Mace is good for indoor and outdoor use. Read More…

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