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September 17, 2022 3 min read

Strong rabbit protection for your vegetable garden will be the focus of this article. You may need rabbit protection if you have those pesky bunnies loitering around your vegetable patches. Rabbits have a tremendous appetite and would come into your garden in their numbers. If allowed to have their way with your garden, they will eat everything in your vegetable garden, especially foods like beet, collards, cilantro, broccoli, lettuce, carrots, and beans. Beyond your vegetables, they will also feast on ornamental plants and flowers and may also move on to stripping off bark from shrubs and trees. So you require rabbit protection to stop these unwanted animal critters from having their way with your precious vegetable garden. Product Review…

What is the best strategy against rabbits?

Always remember that rabbits are intelligent and can’t be deterred by one method alone. In truth, no matter how effective that one technique might be, using it alone trumps the results. Hence, you must layer on your rabbit deterrents to enjoy the best results.

Four most effective ways to deter rabbits

1.Erect a fence

A fence is one of the most effective ways to keep rabbits out. If you are focused on rabbits alone, you only need a fence of about 3 feet. But your fence should be buried underground, so they don’t go under it. You can make your fence from metal mesh, wood, or chicken wire.

2.Use an enclosure.

The best would be an enclosure around your vegetables, but this isn’t always feasible. A great alternative is installing metal mesh on metal posts around the garden. Avoid using plastic mesh or fiber because rabbits can chew through them. A galvanized mesh is good, especially if you double it up. You should also bend the mesh at 90 degrees and push it into the ground up to 6 inches to stop rabbits from digging.

3.Individual protection

Trees and shrubs benefit the most from individual protection. Generally, rabbits would “girdle” trees during the winter when they cannot access other food sources. At this time, the plant also has no access to food and cannot repair itself, thereby causing the death of that tree. Usually, trees like crabapple, pea, burning bush, redbud, blueberry, and raspberry bear the brunt of this tree-killing behavior. Consider erecting a barrier made of galvanized wire mesh around the tree. Leave about 3-inches of space between the trunk and mesh to allow growth. Again, the mesh should be buried about 3 inches into the ground. If you have smaller trees and saplings, you can use tree guards. Always ensure that your guard is three-feet high, no matter the protective guards you use.

4.Invest in natural repellent sprays

Rabbits will avoid any sort of discomfort, especially one to their nostrils. This simple solution is excellent when it is not practical to install barriers and fencing. You can simply make your own repellent spray of onions, garlic, and hot peppers and spray it on your vegetable patch. Add a few squirts of dish soap into that mixture to ensure it stays on your plants for a few days. You will need to re-apply frequently to maintain deterrence. Alternatively, you can choose a convenient commercial repellent spray.

The best defense against annoying bunnies

Rabbits eat anything in their path, causing untold damage to vegetable gardens and outdoor furniture. Ready to stop rabbits from destroying your garden?

Guide to implementing strong rabbit protection for your vegetable garden

Nature’s Mace Rabbit Repellent offers you a powerful way to deal with rabbits for good. Made from plant-based ingredients, Nature’s Mace Rabbit Repellent works by dispelling a strong and intense perfume that rabbits dislike. This repellent also tastes pretty nasty to rabbits stopping them from chewing through your vegetables, shrubs, and trees. Try Nature’s Mace Rabbit Repellent today and enjoy robust rabbit protection for your treasured plants. Product Review…

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